Bible Sounds - Free Kids Video

My friends and I have been working on this project for the last couple months. It's a 10 song animated album of kids music videos that focus on Biblical literacy, the gospel, and the kingdom of God. We're even giving away one of our songs for free on the Kickstarter page:

Sock Puppet Adventures

I've been running some experiments lately at work. With kids content! Some things have been a great success, others have failed. Here's a peek at the development of one project. The project itself is still alive, and quite exiting, but the execution shown here did not make the cut. Visually it was great, but conceptually it didn't meet our needs.

Early Concepts

A Change of Direction

The early concept felt too much like an animal or creature. I was curious if a sock puppet could be made with a more human form. Name credit to Eli Evans. Sock puppet acting to Max Morin.

A Trip to the Craft Store

Final Hand-Lettering