Faster Grain in After Effects

The Grain (Film Grain) effect in After Effects can make your work look awesome, there's just one problem, it takes forever to render or preview. Here's a hacky workaround that works best for mograph art. It freezes the grain, so it doesn't have to render a new version on each frame.

1. Make a new solid. 50% gray.
2. Put your grain effect on it.
3. Posterize time down to 0 fps.
4. Choose mode: overlay


Crazy Bounce Animation - Blender and Photoshop

It happened! I made something in Blender that I'm happy with. After 7 years learning the user interface, I figured out how to animate.

After animating the basic shapes, I brought the frames into Photoshop to add some cel animation style flourishes. 

This early version was exported from the Blender Cycles engine. I liked the look, but it took too long to render. The final orange version was render in grayscale and colored in After Effects.