The Bail Project

"On any given night in America, 450,000 people are in local jails without being convicted of a crime — the vast majority of whom are there solely due to financial hardship." - The Bail Project

This short film by Variable by captures the heart of the work being done at the Bail Project. 

Watch and give:

Earth Land Mask/Matte - High Resolution and Free

I couldn't find a high resolution earth land mask/matte online, so I hacked one together. You can have it for free! I'm using it for a 3d earth model in Blender. This tutorial below is great, but if you want to zoom in, you're going to need larger textures. This land matte was hard to find in high resolution. You can use it to mask out reflection on the land.

Download Land Mask:

NASA has kindly provided all the other high-res textures you will need.

Blender Needs a Better Curve-to-Mesh Tool

I love Blender. It's free. It's powerful. It's open source. And you can create some truly impressive results.

But, if it is going to be a go-to tool for motion designers, we need some more type and text tools.

One of the main frustrations I have is the way it converts imported SVG curves (and text objects) to meshes. Besides being clunky, the topology is almost un-usable if you plan to do anything interesting with it.


It makes it nearly impossible to then apply any distortions like displace, bevel, etc. See how weird and stretched out stuff is.

Compare Blender (left) to C4D (right)

Does Blender have any plans to remedy this? Please!

Let me know if you have any info on future plans.

Scrapbook Bible

We scrapbook ourselves into the Bible.

We cut out everyone we know. We Xacto every institution of our modern day.

And we paste them all into the pages of scripture, into the places we think they best fit.

We might take a friend, rip him out of his modern life, and paste him into the story of the prodigal son. We’ll put his name right next to the character he most resembles. The younger brother.

Or we scissor out whole churches, and place them in the margins, and between the lines of the book of First Corinthians.

We even chainsaw whole countries out of 2017 and drag them back in time. They get glued overtop of the ancient nations of Israel, Egypt, or Babylon.

But, it’s not all bad.

Sometimes our collages are works of art, full of truth and beauty. Scrapbook Bibles of hope, contextualized for our modern world.

But other times, they have been murder notes.

Black Africans were ripped out of their land by White American Christians, and glued next to Bible verse about obeying slave masters.

The slaves were smart though. They learned that they had been pasted into the wrong places in the Bible. So, they ripped themselves out, and taped their whole race to completely different passages of the Bible. To pages that spoke of God’s liberation for the slave, and justice for the oppressed.

The dilemma is this: the powerful often think the weak belong on certain pages of the Bible. And they are willing to kill to keep them there.

But the weak* know a secret.

The whole Bible was written by them and for them. It’s their palette.

The meek will inherit the scissors and the glue.

God knows they’re better at art projects.

Because the most beautiful collage of scripture and human life was wrought by God himself. When he was at his weakest.


Dear America, beware of the narratives you glue yourself to.

*weak - used here only in terms of voice, power, wealth, or social status. 

Cardboard Jesus

I'm building a cardboard Jesus in my mind. 

I'm going through the recycling,

cutting off flaps,

cutting out shapes,

gluing them together. 

I'm building a cardboard Jesus in my mind. 


Trump in my heart

My eyes are open to racism.
I know our country's dark history.

My lips are tuned.
Black Lives Matter. White Privilege. Intersectionality.

But, there’s a little bit of Trump in my heart.

My mind is sharp.
Capitalism can’t fool me. #Chomsky

My ears are good.
I hear the voices of the disadvantaged.

But, there’s a little bit of Trump in my heart.



Bodymovin Test

Testing out Bodymovin After Effects to SVG animation exporter. This animation is controlled completly by code! So excited to get this working on a real project.

Logos 7 Explainer

I recently had the privilege of designing and animating this explainer video for Logos 7.  

Here's a few frames from the storyboard:

A few frames from a very early storyboard:


Faster Grain in After Effects

The Grain (Film Grain) effect in After Effects can make your work look awesome, there's just one problem, it takes forever to render or preview. Here's a hacky workaround that works best for mograph art. It freezes the grain, so it doesn't have to render a new version on each frame.

1. Make a new solid. 50% gray.
2. Put your grain effect on it.
3. Posterize time down to 0 fps.
4. Choose mode: overlay


What color is the idea of software?

I was curious what colors were culturally connected to the idea of "software", so I took some screenshots from Google searches and processed them through Photoshop. Enjoy.

Takeaway: If you are working on a logo, and you want it to stand out, consider breaking the trend.

Colors of software

Colors of software

Colors of food

Colors of food

Colors of fear

Colors of fear

Colors of Jesus

Colors of Jesus